Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. But to achieve this goal, you need proper air vents for whole house fans. The whole house fan installed inside the attic between the living space and ceiling. Roof Mount Whole House Fans. When running the system for several hours, all the hot air will be pulled out of the mass in the home. Belt-Drive Whole-House Fans. Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. Whole house fans take advantage of this to cool your home quickly in the evening. Please call 1-800-222-5932 and speak to one of knowledgeable customer service representatives to help you find the best solution to help you keep your home healthy for your family. It's UL listed with thermal overload protection and … Shop Air Vent 30-in Aluminum Single Belt Drive Whole House Fan in the Whole House Fans department at Lowe's.com. They are often used to augment air conditioning or instead of air conditioning in mild summertime climates. By combining the best parts of both central fan integrated ventilation and exhaust fan ventilation, SelectCycler provides the ultimate energy efficient ventilation solution. Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. Using the 3/16th drill bit and the 7/16th deep socket and ratchet along with the mounting hardware supplied, mount your fan close enough to allow the 7 … Shop whole house fans and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Lowes.com. With multiple applications, you can now experience all the benefits of our revolutionary whole house fan with little to no attic space. LimitationsAir Vent shall not be liable for, and this warranty does not apply to, any failure, defect or damage resulting from or connected with misuse, abuse, neglect or improper handling or staging , or installation not in strict adherence to Air Vent’s written instructions; impact of foreign objects, fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, hurricane, hail, tornado or other violent storms or other act of God; or defects in failure of or damage caused by materials used as roofing base over which the product is installed or by movement, distortion, cracking or settling of walls or the foundation of the building. It is UL listed with thermal overload protection and shipped in an assembled wood frame. Replacement Plus™ ProtectionProducts are covered by Replacement Plus™ protection (see attached for applicable products) for a period of time (varies by product) provided that the product has been installed in strict accordance with Air Vent’s written installation instructions. Limited WarrantyThe Air Vent Product that you have purchased has a limited warranty from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials. The Roof Mount Whole House Fan Series is our newest and most exciting line of whole house fans. Search our exclusive Air Vent Contractor Locator to find installation help in your local area. Pay less for electricity by getting our finest quality which you cannot find in any other brand. This is a gable mounted fan that is mounted on the gable vent. Because whole house fans were cheaper than air conditioners and worked well, they began being used in the 1950s, primarily in the South. Item #11424. Compare; Find My Store. Both types include a heat exchanger, one or more fans to push air through the machine, and controls. Air Vent’s maximum liability under Replacement Plus will be equal to the reasonable cost to replace the defective product, including labor. A pioneer in the ventilation industry since 1948, Ventamatic, Ltd. manufactures high quality air delivery and air movement products for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets. A whole-house fan can provide an energy-saving alternative to air conditioning, particularly when the air outside becomes cooler at night. 2 amps 14" fan blade For 1500 sq. Check Latest Price. It weighs under 35 pounds, so installation is easy for one or two people. It’s all about balance! In instances in which Air Vent, according to the terms of this warranty, has agreed to pay the cost of labor required to replace a defective intake vent, Air Vent will provide reimbursement only upon receipt of a copy of the contractor’s invoice or other written evidence of the completion of the work which Air Vent, at its sole discretion, deems acceptable. Link to ... Air Vent 30-in Aluminum Single Belt Drive Whole House Fan. Optional Belt-Drive Wireless Switch Kit (sold separately). Buy Top Quality Whole House Fans at Centric Air. This is a suitable choice for air circulation in a 1,500 square foot house or less. As the air flows into your home, and through your attic – your roof vents allow the hot attic air to escape from your home. Learn about warranty coverage, transferability, limitations, other conditions and customer responsibilities. Air Vent reserves the right to discontinue or modify any of its products including color, and shall not be liable as a result of such discontinuation or modification, nor shall Air Vent be liable in the event replacement material may vary in color in comparison to the original product as a result of normal weathering. Using the motor in any other product could result in electrical shock and/or fire, which may cause property damage, serious injury or even death. Calculate the interior square footage of living area (do not include garage, attic or basement) and multiply the total square footage by three. This will not work with any other fan. Other ConditionsThis warranty is expressly in lieu of all other oral or written warranties, liabilities or obligations of Air Vent. It has two speed settings. Make sure that power to the unit has been completely turned OFF at the breaker before approaching or inspecting the power attic ventilator or installing the replacement motor. The Air Vent Belt Drive Whole House Fan Replacement Motor Only is correspondent only with the Air Vent Belt-Drive Whole House Fan. Find a Store Near Me. Under this warranty feature, Air Vent, at no charge, will replace any product found to be defective during the Replacement Plus™ period as long as proof of purchase is submitted to Air Vent (Replacement Plus™ period begins when the product installation is completed). Whole house units to extract or input fresh air (Positive input ventilation) from or too several rooms continually at a low rate to ensure good air quality. Shut off the fan is shut off and close the windows to preserve the cooler air once the sun rises and outdoor temperatures increase. 85% said they were either "thrilled" or "very satisfied" with their AirScape purchase. Instead of recirculating, it brings in new air, reducing indoor pollution while making a more comfortable space. Copyright © 2020 Air Vent, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Second, the attic is often the low-rent district of the house, which makes it a good location for the fan mechanism itself. The air-change rate you will choose depends on your climate and how much you will depend on the whole house fan for cooling. It has a 24″ blade with a direct drive motor and is activated by a pull chain. They are often used to augment air conditioning or instead of air conditioning in mild summertime climates. For Warranty information and questions, please contact us at: Copyright © 2020 Air Vent, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The length of the warranty varies by product. An AirScape whole house fan system will reduce your energy footprint and save money, while improving livability of your home with fresh natural breezes that are a joy to sleep in. Thanks to a motor mounted just above and to the side of the fan, a belt-drive whole-house fan provides for smooth, quiet operation, Direct drive whole-house fans are easy to install since no attic joists need to be cut. The 5 Best Whole House Attic Fan Reviews #1. The Air Vent Inc. 24″ Whole House Fan 54301 produces 4500 CFM of cooling power and is one of the most popular standard fans on the market today. They feature a pull chain for easy operation. Model #54506. This will give you the CFM number required for the whole-house fan. The dimensions of this fan are 27-1/2″ x 27-1/2″ making it a perfect fit for most attic or hallway vents. Air Vent Part Number 53315 Item Weight 8.5 pounds Product Dimensions 19 x 19 x 8 inches Item model number 53315 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Size Medium Color Multicolor Material Stainless steel Item Package Quantity 1 Included Components Air Vent Inc. Gable Attic Ventilator 53315 Attic And Whole House Fans Batteries Included? The whole house belt drive pulley allows quieter operation and includes a 2 speed wall switch. Whereas a typical fan can’t do, a whole house fan does both the work of attic and the whole house fan. Home / Whole House Fans Whole House Fans *Free Shipping on All Whole House Fans Excluding TC1000 Home Ventilators and DVS Whole House Fans. In no event shall Air Vent be liable for consequential or incidental damages of any kind, including any damage to the building, its contents or any persons therein, resulting from the breach of any warranty set forth herein, unless exclusion of these types of damages are specifically prohibited by state law. Air Vent Gable Ventilator 53315 Attic and Whole House Fans, Multicolor,Medium. Whole house fans can exchange the entire air in a home every 3-4 minutes or 15-20 time per hour. We are proud that our Whole House Fans have been featured on Whole House Fan on Ask This Old House several times based on the ease of installation, performance and quality manufacturing materials. This warranty does not cover any labor costs, including those required for field repair or replacement or removal of any allegedly defective part. ProductsAbout usNews & EventsResourcesInstallationFAQsSupportContractors & Professionals, Exhaust VentsSolar Attic FansIntake VentsWhole House FansBath or Dryer VentsSkylight TubesWhere to BuyAsk the ExpertTM, Air Vent, Inc.  |  4117 Pinnacle Point Drive, Suite 400  |  Dallas  |  TX  |  75211  |  800.247.8368 (800-AIR-VENT), Ventilation Installation Professional Program. Whole-House Fans are ideal in climates where it's not necessary to run the air conditioner regularly to cool the living space; or if you want to use the air conditioner less frequently. This fan has two settings, high and low power. The fans install Designed to pull out hot air from a house or building. Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. Why Having Sufficient Roof Venting Is Important! Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. It draws in 1050 CFM air, the power consumption of the fun is 180 watts which makes it energy saving. They remove the hot air out of the house; the warm air then escapes through the attic and to the attic vents allowing the circulation of fresh air from the windows. Whole house fans should provide houses with 3 to 6 air changes per hour (varies with climate, floor plan, etc.—check with a professional to determine what is appropriate for your home). A whole house fan is a type of fan, commonly venting into a building's attic, designed to circulate air in a home or building.It is sometimes confused with a powered attic ventilator, which exhausts hot air from the attic to the outside through an opening in the roof or gable at a low velocity. Your whole house fan is designed to force the hot air out of your attic, and must be mounted properly for optimal results. TransferabilityProvided that the products covered by this warranty have been installed in strict accordance with the Air Vent Inc. written installation instructions and in accordance with all local codes and standards, including those pertaining to fire-rated construction, Air Vent warrants to the original purchaser or first subsequent owner of the property that the product is free from manufacturing defects for the described length below from the date of purchase. They are often used to augment air conditioning or instead of air conditioning in mild summertime climates. Air Vent Gable Ventilator 53315 Attic and Whole House Fans . Find whole house fans at Lowe's today. They are often used to augment air conditioning or instead of air conditioning in mild summertime climates. Yes, you need a whole house exhaust fan. What are Whole House Fans? You adjust the speed via a pull chain. A whole house fan cools your home by pushing out hot, stale air and bringing in fresh, cool air. Hot air or conditions are so uncomfortable to live in especially during hot climate, no one loves the much sweating hence this is the first reason why you need this machine to keep your house, garage or any other place cool. System encompasses WhisperGreen Select fan + Controller, FanConnect™ Wall Switch & Motorized Supply Damper. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Air Vent #53315 Gable Attic Ventilator 1050 CFM 1/12 HP, 180W 3. Go: Login My Account 0 Item in cart $0.00: Begin Checkout: Departments . Motor ReplacementsThe electrical motor is to be used solely as a direct replacement for a motor of the same model in an Air Vent, Inc, power attic ventilator. Read the full warranty and the list of eligible products. Whole House Fans Whole-house fans are installed in a central hallway inside the house and pull fresh outdoor air through open windows. This results in enough air to cool a home in approximately one hour.
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